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Marina Caneve

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Marina Caneve (b. 1988) is a photographer exploring how our knowledge is shaped trough a research based and multidisciplinary approach. With her work Caneve tries to face aspects of our existence that seem so big and prominent that the individual can only adapt; she is interested in complexity and contamination.

Her work was exhibited internationally in personal and collective shows and since 2019 she teaches at the Master IUAV in Photography.

In 2018 she was awarded with the Giovane Fotografia Italiana Award at Fotografia Europea (Reggio Emilia) and Lesley A. Martin awarded her dummy ‘Are They Rocks or Clouds?’ with the Cortona On The Move Dummy Award. Thanks to these awards and the collaboration with Hans Gremmen and Taco Hidde Bakker in 2019 the photobook was published by Fw:Books. The photobook was awarded with the 2020 Bastianelli Award for the best italian photobook.

In 2019 she was commissioned by MUFOCO and the Italian Ministry of Culture of a project about italian architectural heritage and later, by the National Mountain Museum, of a new project based on their archives.

Caneve’s work is now part of private and public collections.

She is co-founder of CALAMITA/À, a multidisciplinary platform exploring the attractive nature of catastrophes in society and in the environment.