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Rouen, France

Today, the Rouen Normandy Photographic Centre has been awarded the title of "Centre d'Art Contemporain d'Intérêt National" and is continuing a story that began 30 years ago. It was the first place dedicated to photography in Normandy and one of the pioneers in France, at a time when photography was still a medium in the process of gaining artistic recognition in France.

The Centre photographique Rouen Normandie is a place that exhibits and supports photographic creation and accompanies the public in the discovery of its multiple facets.

The Centre has an annual programme of 3 to 4 exhibitions, complemented by off-site events in partnership with regional and national institutions (art centres, schools, hospitals, etc.) and a programme of artistic residencies.

The Photographic Centre has an artistic line that places aesthetics as a vector of commitment at the heart of its programming and a cultural line that places a point of honour on the materiality of the work and what physical presence implies: the author's choice, the spectator's time.

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