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Entre Chien et Loup

Marina Caneve

After publishing ‘Are They Rocks or Clouds?’ in 2019 I was commissioned by the National Moun-tain Museum in Turin of a new research focused on the exploration of mountain’s visual stereotypes starting from the Museum’s photographic Archive. The project is curated by Giangavino Pazzola and Veronica Lisino.

The title, ‘Entre Chien et Loup’, refers to the latin infra horam vespertinam, inter canem et lupum, expression that draws that moment of the day when is hard to distinguish a dog from a wolf.

I would define ‘Entre chien et loup’ a stratification of different attempts – often contradictory, where I’ve drawn entrances, windows, metaphorical peepholes, which gradually bring the viewer from one idea (a stereotype) to another. My aim was to leaving the viewer lost with a lot of questions about en-vironment, images, language, surfing from joy till death. The project’s structure is inspired by the idea of labyrinth and atlas.

Giangavino Pazzola writes: The inside and the outside, the true and the false, the artificial and the natural, the vernacular and the scientific, the cultural and the popular, and the real and the pretence are then discussed again and resignified in a single environmental installation that seems as mocking as it is subtle. Mixing all the material types, it redefines an undeclared geography inhabited by a new (and perhaps highly unlikely) ethnography, telling us of a world as fantastic as it is ambiguous, one that we have probably visited but that now seems different.

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