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Bridges are Beautiful. A migration system breaking all European borders. (working title)

Marina Caneve

Bridges are Beautiful is a long term project based on the idea movement and borders as a possibility instead of a limit. The work is inspired by The Continuous Monument, designed in the ‘70ies by the radical group of architects Superstudio. The idea at the origin of the Continuous Monument was ex-tending a single piece of architecture over the entire world in order to bring cosmic order on earth.

In my work I discivered a migration system breaking all european borders as a pretext to explore complex issues as Europe and migration. The system breaking all european borders I found out is technically a system of bridges, the ecological corridors, that are designed to preserve and support the biodiversity in Europe. Researching this system marks up a sensitive paradox which lies in the transi-tion between nature and culture. On one side the political debate about the migration flows and resto-ration of national borders; on the other hand, the European Union investing massive amounts of mon-ey in the creation of an infrastructure dedicated to wildlife which aims to overcome political bounda-ries and physical limits in order to support the freedom of movement.

I’ve been researching the topic trough research and exploration. So far I’ve used different categories of images: architecture of the bridges, landscapes, depiction of the monitoring system installed and animals-images shoot by surveillance cameras installed over the bridges. I imagine the finished work as a research tool where photography plays with research balancing visual pleasure and informations. The work is meant to be an attempt to create an exploration of contemporary united Europe and the migration limits.

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