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Meet the artists nominated by the Triennial of Photography Hamburg in 2021

Futures Photography
May 23, 2021
We are happy to announce another group of artists to join Futures this year. The five artists were nominated by the Triennial of Photography Hamburg. They are Hien Hoang, Johanna Terhechte, Laura Van Severen, Marco Kesseler and Euridice Kala.⁠

They will join the platform’s activities to present their work to international professionals and to network, amongst other opportunities that will be developed for them, including exhibitions, publishing opportunities, portfolio reviews, and more.

Discover more about them:

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Project 'Asia Bistro', by Hien Hoang
©Euridice Zaituna Kala, Modele 1, photography by Marc Vaux, 2020, Courtesy of the Artist
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Euridice Zaituna Kala

Born in Maputo, Mozambique, Euridice Zaituna Kala is an artist based in Paris. She was trained as a photographer at the Market Photo Workshop, Johannesburg. Recent monographic exhibition includes: Untitled, ADN_ Sea(e)scapes, 2021 at galerie Salon H, Paris, and I, the Archive,2020, at Villa Vassilieff, Paris. Kala’s most recent group exhibitions include: This is Not Africa, unlearn what you have learned, 2021 at Aros Museum, Denmark, Un.e air.e de famille, 2021, at Museum Paul Elourd, Saint Denis, France, Polyphony, 2021 at Gera Museum, Gera, Germany. ⁠

⁠Kala’s most recent performances include: Stranger, Danger, Wait it’s a Prayer Room, Centre Pompidou, 2019, Mackandal Turns into a Butterfly: A Love potion (2018), Le Pouvoir du Dedans, La galerie Cac de Noisy le-Sec (2018), Euridice Zaituna Kala Shows and Doesn’t Tell, galerie Saint-Severin (2018). She is the winner of the ADAGP/ Villa Vassilieff Fellowship 2019-2020, a finalist of the SAM art Prix (2018) and also a finalist for the prize for contemporary talent, François Schneider Foundation (2018). Kala’s work will be included in the 5th Casablanca Biennial, Morroco, and she an artist in residency at Urbane Kuenst Ruhr in Germany in 2019 2020. She is the founder and co-organiser of e.a.s.t. (Ephemeral Archival Station), a lab and platform for long-term artistic research projects, established in 2017.⁠

Hien Hoang

Hien Hoang was born in Quang Ninh, Vietnam and currently lives in Hamburg, Germany. She graduated from the Rheinmain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden with a bachelor’s degree in communication design with a focus on photography. She is currently working on various projects and completing a master’s degree in photography at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) in Hamburg.⁠

Hien is interested in identity, clichés and symbols. She has investigated these topics in various projects and in different ways. She experiments with arrangement, staging and installation in order to place ordinary objects and scenes in a new context and thus symbolically recharge them.⁠

Johanna Terhechte

Johanna Terhechte lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. She works across media with photography, video and sculpture. The starting point for her work are images, both her own as well as found material. Her project 'you give it an order' questions the orientation mechanisms that apply when looking at a picture in terms of its content and form. ⁠

Photographs are flat; they show only one of many possible (optical) perspectives. Every detail changes what we perceive. How spatial is photography? What means can be used to translate a two - dimensional image into space? Terhechte tries to think about such transformative steps in order to make the transition between an image and its three - dimensional space tangible. She examines photography by dismantling, repeating and reassambling her images. By contrasting minimally different pespectives, her work playfully engages with the differences between various media. Composing images to new sequences she questions the realiability of chronology. Only slight changes in shadow allow us to recognize that time has passed from one image to the next.⁠

Work by Johanna Terhechte
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Work by Laura Van Severen
David Biro, PLANT (2019) 
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Laura Van Severen

Laura Van Severen is a photographer graduated from KASK School of Arts in Ghent (Belgium) in 2015. Her work questions the relationship between humans and their surroundings. How we appropriate places, how we design them and how we in turn are shaped by what surrounds us.⁠

In 2015, Laura was selected for .TIFF as one of Belgium’s top ten young talents, an initiative by the FOMU Photography Museum in Antwerp. Her projects have been exhibited in Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, Mexico and Spain.⁠

Currently Laura is working on a project in collaboration with Catalan writer Mònica Pagès that aims to portray the lives of women of a high altitude mountain village in the Catalan Pyrenees through images and text in order to narrate the radical changes that have occurred there in only the last 80 years.⁠

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Work by Marco Kesseler
Fred Mungo
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Marco Kesseler

Marco Kesseler is a British photographer with interest in portraits, food and contemporary social stories. ⁠"My interest lies in the role of narrative as a reference point in representing contemporary social issues. I work between editorial assignments and long-term projects, taking pride in immersing myself within the place and people that I photograph, working with communities over an extended period of time."⁠

Past works have documented the socio-political effects of the Ukrainian revolution; explored notions of escapism along The English Riviera; living in hiding with Albanian families persecuted in the age-old traditions of blood feuds, as well as celebratory traditions in Greece. Previously exhibited works have been included in The Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, PhotoIreland Festival, Paris Photo, Magenta Flash Forward and The Renaissance Photography Prize and clients include The FT Weekend Magazine, The New York Times, TIME and National Geographic.⁠