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Rotten Potato

Katherine Longly used to be overweight when she was a child. "Rotten potato" refers to the nickname she was afflicted with. For a long time, she tried to keep some distance from that period’s photographic memories. Then she began to paint them in oil painting on objects directly related to food.

She next decided to explore our relationship with food and our bodies where it reveals itself in the most conspicuous, uninhibited, and exaggerated way possible: at eating contests. She followed "biggest eaters" contests in Belgium and France, in order to understand what is the counterpart that drives champions to deliberately do violence to their bodies.

She was suprised by the seriousness surrounding the organization of these competitions, and the pride that surrounds the champions. The audience acclaim them, their competitors envy them, their relatives encourage them. The journalists only have eyes for them during the competitions.

Who does not want one day to be the center of attention?

But you must still find the discipline you can excel in.

"I don't know, it's just neat to see people believe in you, for anything, really" - Tim  Eater X Janus, American champion.

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