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Katherine Longly

FOMU Fotomuseum
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Katherine Longly graduated in photography, communications and anthropology.

Her personal work is often photographic, but this is not an exclusive relationship. On the basis of her projects, there is very often a question : How do the campers manage the nearness with their peers (Hidden Living) ? Why do some Chinese prefer to live in a false Parisian avenue rather than in a traditional hutong (Abroad is too far) ? What is the counterpart that urges a person to gulp down mass amounts of food enough to hurt their body (Rotten Potato) ? Where is our relationship with food and our body rooted (To tell my real intentions, I want to eat only haze like a hermit) ? Behind these questions lies a desire to understand a social phenomenon. And humor is not excluded.

She also pays very special attention to actively involve people she works with in the construction of the projects.

Her work has been awarded with various prizes, publications and exhibitions in Belgium and abroad. She also took part in artistic residencies (China, France, Japan).