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Elena Aya Bundurakis

FOMU Fotomuseum
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Elena Aya Bundurakis is a Greek-Japanese photographer born in Crete island. She uses her camera as a tactile device, rather than a technological tool. Her current work also focuses on sensations and not necessarily stories. For example, she is interested in questions like: How does it feel to give birth to an egg? Is being alive a collective experience?

Bundurakis’ work focuses on how it feels to be a living organism in this era that lies between the primal, the modern & the post natural-world. Images collide and divide according to the situation. Drawings, video and haikus are incorporated. Extracting fragments of the bodies that surround her and her own, she layers the pure with the artificial and the thirst for something truly crisp with loss and boredom, aiming to create cosmic and organic sensations.

In her project Eating Magma, Elena focuses on 4 ‘F’s: her Flesh, her Food, Fauna, and Flora. Creating an interconnecting universe, by combining these 4 ‘F’s, whose roles and existence, constantly shift and mutate into each other, she attempts to find an emotional and ethical position within a society ruled by control systems.