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I'm going to play with it at home (and feel like a pharaoh)

Donja Nasseri‘s work often revolves around the examination of tradition and change — her approach involves reaching out to repressed communities, recognizing the importance of amplifying marginalized voices and fostering a collective dialogue on the impact of colonialism on mental health as well as our understanding of identity and trauma.

For this project she is planning on creating 3-D scans of objects that originate from Egypt (as well as other countries) which are now stored in collections in Germany, and documenting the complexity of such locations and their charged history. Finally, fragmentarily she will assemble and overlay those elements with stories appropriated by Disney (The tale of "Duckanchamun" for example).\ Donja Nasseri takes a look at various figures and symbols from the past, especially from ancient Egyptian history, whose emancipatory approaches she transports into a new visibility. She is interested in reactivating materials from museums, archives, and communities. By generating and recontextualizing historical and personal memories, Nasseri aims to contribute to a nuanced understanding of the past and its implications for the present. The use of archives and cultural heritage/objects is always an encounter with colonialism and its far-reaching effects, including the complete erasure of entire cultural, intellectual and artisanal practices. She is therefore focusing on acts of restitution, reparation and appropriation.

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