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Tamara Eckhardt, born in 1995, lives and works as a portrait and documentary photographer in Berlin. From 2017-2021 she studied at the Ostkreuzschule for Photography in Berlin. Since 2022 she is a member of the renowned German Agency OSTKREUZ. Her photographic works mainly deal with marginalized social groups and minorities – with a particular focus on documenting adolescence. Her analog photography strives to shed a kind light on her protagonists whom she follows up on for months at a time for each project. Eckhardts expressive portraits give the viewer an intimate insight into the lives of youth in Germany and Ireland. With her work Eckhardt has been awarded and shortlisted for numerous awards such as the Kolga Tbilisi Award,International Woman Photo Award, Gute Aussichten 21/22 Award, BFF Förderpreis, Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award, and the German Youth Photo Award.