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João Ramilo Gomes Barros de Figueiredo

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João Ramilo Gomes Barros de Figueiredo, known as João Ramilo, was born in 1999 in Porto,Portugal. His interest in photography dates back to his adolescence, and ever since, he has beenexploring new techniques and approaches. He studied Photography at IADE – Creating Creatorsin Lisbon and is a finalist for his Master's in Photography at Universidade Católica Portuguesa inPorto. He learned from remarkable photographers such as José Luís Neto, Paulo Catrica, CarlosLobo, António Júlio Duarte, and Tito Mouraz.

As an artist, João Ramilo aims to document human intervention in the world, capturing theinteraction between them. The essence of his work is to portray social and economic issuesthrough images and immortalize those moments in time.
Currently, he resides in Lisbon and works as a freelance photographer.