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Samira Gollin

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Samira Gollin (1998) is a graphic designer and freelancing artist based in Bern, Switzerland. She graduated in 2023 with a BA in Visual Communication studies from HKB Bern. For her Bachelor thesis she took part in an artist residency in Fivizzano, a small town in the northern part of Italy, where dozens of stone menhirs exist. From her research concerning the mythical origins and stories of the stones the literary-visual work “Leave no stone unturned” was published.

Samira Gollin’s artistic interests are focused on the interaction of humanity and its environment. Her work regularly concerns itself with how humans perceive reality and how perception and individual identities shape narrative and thought.

In this publication she examines the authenticity and narrative story telling of historical-documentary media and its effects and affects on the audience. Throughout the work fictional aspects generated by AI are present, without them being identified.

Together with artist Aarabi Kugabalan she founded the art collective "Kunst Kola". Kunst Kola is a platform for showcasing local art and cultural works. In 2023 they won the "Kulturpreis Langenthal". Their current collaborative work is about how identities are affected by displacement and war.