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Daniel Chatard (*1996) is a Franco-German documentary photographer working on long-term projects related to the topics of environment, climate change and power structures. He is interested in how these issues manifest themselves in the physical space. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in photojournalism and documentary photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover in 2021. Since 2018 he has been freelancing for ZEIT and National Geographic among others. 2018 he did an exchange semester in Journalism and Photojournalism at the Tomsk State University in Russia. Since 2021 Daniel is doing his master’s degree in Photography and Society at the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague. Coming from a background of photojournalism, he established for his practice the term of the “involved documentary”, indicating that he acknowledges the relationships between himself and the subjects he tries to understand through a visual approach, instead of assuming the position of an outside observer. This means that the process of exposing himself to the issues he researches on is a crucial part of his practice.