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No Man’s Land

No man’s land is the area between the positions of the parties of the conflict, it is uncontrolled, it is potential confrontation, the area seemingly devoid of property, space for appropriation, therefore full of potential tensions, seemingly amorphous transition area. Few are going there and even less comes back. Those who have succeeded are bringing stories about what they experienced by crossing various boundaries. The no man’s land in the era of post-internet, in the era of hybrid, invisible wars, can lurk everywhere. Two young artists, students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, found it in Kazakhstan and Israel. Photographers have traveled hundreds of miles around these two countries. As a result, cycles of black and white views ready for appropriation were created. Their works are also an objective record and a personal interpretation of fragments of reality. They draw the viewer into the space of emptiness and loneliness, introduce us to an unknown, menacing and strange world, waiting for the discoverers of his potential meanings.

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