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Aindreas Scholz

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Aindreas Scholz (b. 1981) grew up in a bilingual home, dividing his time between Ireland and Germany. He studied photography at the Technological University Dublin, followed by a postgraduate study at Goldsmiths College, London, where he deepened his understanding of critical and contemporary art-making theories and practices. Scholz subsequently trained as a teacher at the Institute of Education, University College London, developing specialist subject-specific skills for teaching art and photography to young people. Scholz’s artmaking focuses on environments affected by human activity, encompassing landscapes transformed by war, pollution, and the climate crisis. He experiments with alternative and sustainable photographic processes, to highlight the need to critically reflect on our daily carbon footprint. Scholz’s work has been exhibited in a range of institutions in Dublin, London, Brussels, Cologne, and Vienna.


Instagram: aindreasscholz