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Anna Adamo

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Anna Adamo land on this planet on September ’91, born and raised in the suburbs of Milano, north of Italy, investigate intimate, detailed portraits of her mother and her daily life since she was a teenager. She approached to photography in her childhood with her brother's camera. After the artistic studies she took part on the first national competition established by Leica, with the project ''This is our youth'' and won along with 5 others. Here she got scouted by a member of the jury, Magnum’s member Alex Majoli, whom later proposed her a work experience with the collective of photographers and photojournalist, Cesura, which he founded in 2008. 

After having worked there as an intern for three months, she’s since been working there as a collaborator for five years. 

She has documented various underground scenarios such as Gabbers, Punks.

All of this drives me in search of stories surrounded by human presence, emotions and families. From 2018 she works as a photographer freelance developing long-term personal projects, but also began to take her first steps in the fashion and editorial’s world.