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Roisin White

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Roisin White is a Dublin based visual artist. Her work is multidisciplinary, working primarilywith photography, drawing, sculpture, and collage. Roisin studied Photography at the Dublin Institute of Technology, graduating with honors in 2015. She has further part-time education in ceramics, sculpture and drawing at NCAD.

Roisin’s work often draws from archival materials. She has an interest in exploring the fictional narrative that can be discovered in discarded imagery, previous understandings agitated, and new meanings drawn out. Her most recent bodies of work have stemmed from both found objects and imagery. In addition to working with photography, Roisin works in sculpture and drawing. Her drawing works show a fascination with the human form and exploring the body, while being inspired by the surrealist drawing practices. Roisin’s sculptural work often takes the form of bringing her photographic work into the three-dimensional and building on means of
photographic reception.

Roisin White was a finalist in the Inspirational Arts Photographic Award in 2015. In 2018 she was selected to take part in the In-Between Shores residency in Italy, supported by Ardesia Projects, Witty Kiwi and JEST Gallery. Red. She has exhibited her work in Ireland, the UK and Germany. She currently has work on show in The Gallery of Photography in Dublin, and forthcoming exhibitions in Dublin, London and Italy.

She has worked curatorially for CEAD at NCAD, and as part of the Young Curators Project in Rua Red.