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Meet the talents nominated by the Photo Romania Festival in 2020

Futures Photography
July 6, 2020

Our partner Photo Romania Festival selects every year five artists to join our platform. We are delighted to introduce the new talents nominated by them: Alin Barbir, David Arribas, Hanna Jarzabek, Paulina Metzscher and Vassilis Triantis.

These artists are joining our programme this year, which includes a series of activities offline and online, such as tutoring sessions, showcasing, and takeovers.

Meet the talents from the Photo Romania Festival:

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Work by Alin Barbir
Work by Paulina Metzscher
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Alin Barbir

Alin Barbir was born in 1981 in Oradea, Romania. Fond of photography, he spends most of his time building up skills and developing abilities in this love field. His work has been rewarded with several prizes. ⁠

⁠He graduated from the Film and Theatre Faculty of the “Babes-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca, majoring in Cinematography, Photography and Media. He published his first photo album called “Beyond light and shadows” in 2017, an album comprising miscellaneous pieces of his work up to that time. ⁠

David Arribas

David Arribas is a freelance photographer based in Madrid. Interested in documentary report on anthropological and social issues, he seeks to document the life forms of the environment that interest and inspire him. He began studying photography in a self-taught way, attending several photography courses and workshops. Over time he acquired his own language, nourished by his own experience and the realization of several master classes with different photographers such as Antonio Heredia, Manu Brabo, Antoine d'Agata and Crisitna García Rodero.⁠

⁠Currently, he is dedicated to the realization of long-term photographic works related to social and human taboos.⁠

Hanna Jarzabek

Hanna Jarzabek has a Master degree in Political Science and worked on refugee reports for UN agencies such as UNRWA and UNCTAD. She developed her passion for photography while traveling (the Gaza Strip, Iran, Philippines). Since 2008 she is based in Spain where she works as a freelance photojournalist, combining her personal projects with the teaching of photography. ⁠

⁠Her projects address discrimination and societal dysfunctions in western society. She also works on youth radicalization and the raise of right-wing movements in Europe. Lately she has started to investigate the construction of national identity in post-Soviet regions in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union.⁠

Work by Hanna Jarzabek
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Work by Vassilis Triantis
David Biro, PLANT (2019) 
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Paulina Metzscher

⁠Paulina Metzscher was born in 1995 in Hamburg, Germany and is currently based in Berlin. In 2014, she was awarded as the Sony World Youth Photographer of the Year and was previously selected for "30UNDER30 Women Photographers" selection from Artpil.⁠

Her portfolio consists of various pieces from the field of documentary and fine-art photography. People and their stories, always captured by the intimate look of the photographer, are the focus of her work.⁠

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Work by David Arribas
Fred Mungo
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Vassilis Triantis

Vassilis Triantis (b. 1975) is a Greek photographer based in Amsterdam. He comes from a scientific background and after completing a doctorate in medical biology, he turned to photography which he now combines alongside his career in medical research.⁠ ⁠ His practice explores themes of isolation and identity, the juxtaposition of collective and individual, communication versus segregation. By using small narratives he wants to shed light on ways we affect and are affected by artificial social and physical environments.⁠ ⁠