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Meet the artists nominated by Capa Center in 2021

Futures Photography
May 7, 2021
We are happy to announce another group of artists to join Futures this year. The five artists were nominated by the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center. They are Kincsõ Bede, Enikő Hodosy, Márton Mónus, Zsófia Sivák and András Zoltai. ⁠

They will join the platform’s activities to present their work to international professionals and to network, amongst other opportunities that will be developed for them, including exhibitions, publishing opportunities, portfolio reviews, and more.

Discover more about them:

Work by Zsófia Sivák
Antonio Guerra, Raise the Earth, disappear (2023)
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Kincsõ Bede

Also nominated for Futures by The Calvert Jounal, Kincsõ Bede is a Romanian visual artist with Hungarian roots, who grew up in a small city in Transylvania, Romania. She is fascinated by the communist past of her homeland, the power of the leader Nicolae Ceaușescu, the control exercised by the security agency Securitate, and how this history is passed down across the generations. Currently, Kincsõ lives and works in Budapest, Hungary and she studies at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.⁠ ⁠

Enikő Hodosy

Enikő Hodosy's interest lies on connections between body, soul and spirit. She focuses on social and psychological issues, their brutality and beauty, which she represents through an ethereal and intimate atmosphere.⁠⁠ She obtained a master’s degree in Photography at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2016. Since 2012, she is a member, and a board member since 2020, of the Studio of Young Photographers. She lives and works in Budapest, Hungary.

Márton Mónus

Márton Mónus is a freelance photojournalist in Budapest who photographs mainly for news agencies, including Reuters, dpa and MTI. In addition to his everyday, highly varied photojournalism work, he seeks topics with a wider range in his personal projects. ⁠

He often follows the subjects of his photo essays for many years. His series are mostly people focused, trying to explore the problems of individuals or social groups with the tool of photography. His work has been rewarded with honored awards: shortlisted in the See.Me The Exposure Award competition in landscape category, and his image was exhibited at the Louvre in Paris.⁠

Work by Márton Mónus
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Work by András Zoltai
David Biro, PLANT (2019) 
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Zsófia Sivák

Zsófia Sivák was born in Eger, Hungary in 1993. She completed her photography studies at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2019.⁠ She is primarily involved in such documentary photography and projects which allow her to have a long-term cooperation with a given community and document their daily lives objectively without loosing the possibility of subjective associations. Her series are mostly concerned with rural life due to her personal involvement.⁠⁠

After growing up in a small village in the Eastern part of Hungary before moving to Budapest for her studies, the young photographer began to observe more objectively and systematically document the things around her.⁠

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Work by Enikő Hodosy
Marta Pinto Machado (CV/PT), Beyond solid ground (2022)
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András Zoltai

András Zoltai is a freelance documentary photographer currently based in Budapest, Hungary. He graduated with a BSc in Marketing at Budapest Business University. After he studied Photojournalism at the Academy of the National Association of Hungarian Journalists (MÚOSZ). ⁠⁠

His curiosity, travels and openness laid the foundation for his world of photography. He seeks to get personally involved in his subjects and tries to be inspired by classic documetarism reshaping into his own language. He focuses on socially sensitive topics, and strongly believes that visual stories can change the world. András works for various commercial and editorial assignments.⁠