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The GL/DK project

Today Greenland is a part of The Danish Kingdom after having lifted their colonial status in 1953. They are in many ways not completely detached from the Danish influence and the perspective on their country and its indigens people hasn’t developed into an equal relationship. In 2020 a third of Greenland’s population live and work in Denmark as a marginalized group existing under the weight of the colonial gaze.

I work with an archive based in Denmark, collected by the Danish. In this project I work from my own perspective as a Dane, who has never visited Greenland. My upbringing was influenced by the Danish view of Greenland, throughout school, children’s television, public debates and the use of the Eskimo figure in ice cream vendors in the summer. In this work I question my own view as well as the national gaze towards Greenland and Greenlanders.

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