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The Supermoon phenomenon consists of the coincidence of a full moon and its shorter distance from Earth. The subsequent visual effect results in an increase in the size of the satellite when viewed normally. The term itself does not strictly refer to astronomy, as the scientific definition of lunar perigee is preferred, indicating the moment of maximum approach of the Moon to the Earth.

This particular celestial spectacle occurs on certain days of the solar year and manifests a cosmic perfection. Far from the tangible daily experience, the individual expresses himself in a body limited in the possible perception and infinite in the extension of the imaginative experience, projecting himself in an unusual dimension.

The project developed reflects on his personal research interested in capturing the particularities hidden in ordinary visuals, and also focuses on the factor of Time, perceiving not only an effective conceptual dimension, but also a technical one. In the artist’s practice, form and content relate in a sinuous and perpetual oscillation that alters the value of the moment, now affected by a symptomatic deformation generated by the experience of imposed isolation. The work insists on the afferent temporal dilation, a constant in his artistic activity, and dwells on the aforementioned extension, to be considered almost extraneous, from the moment that we have returned to the apparent and constructed “normality”. Time dilation has become a constant in my life, and now that we are slowly approaching a recovery, this already seems to me to be an old and alien thing, at least in part.

Supermoon, super-flow of consciousness

The work was carried out during phase 1 of the lockdown in conjunction with the supermoon on 7 April 2020 and in the days leading up to and after this date. The value of time changed completely during this quarantine.

Supermoon is a small research project that I carried out during these two months of quarantine, I did not dedicate it to this historical moment and I did not feel the need to show it during its realisation. This project reflects on the time factor and time dilation, not only in a conceptual dimension, but also in a technical one. Content and form move together, they are in a strong relationship. During this phase of my life, several aspects of time have changed radically. I believe that these changes were the main reason for this new design requirement. I believe that this research of mine, like the others, always focuses mainly on the landscape, and what I am showing you in these five photographs is what I had at my disposal.

dilation of time and reality
the milky light illuminates a perfect harmony, until the onlooker involuntarily participates.

Non pensare oggi cosa metto, pensa oggi cosa tolgo. (cit. COMACOSE)

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