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Panoptic Segmentation

Yujie Zhou
Panoptic Segmentation refers to an image segmentation method in computer vision that allows machines to separate objects into segments. From a socio-political perspective, this method draws a parallel with the panopticon, a disciplinary mechanism based on continuous surveillance. Both systems operate similarly by breaking down objects into segmented components.

From a self-reflective critical stance, my practice seeks to identify, unravel and decode the mechanics behind power structures in order to tackle the invisible. I am eager to question the relationship between a collective political identity and our experiences as individuals. All with the purpose of deconstructing the notion of language so as to tear apart signifiers and reconstruct meaning.

Artworks from the series Panoptic Segmentation, 2022-2023, Medium: Mixed - Photography, video, performance, textile, printmaking, and publishing.

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