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Non dite che siamo pochi

Umberto Coa

"Non dite che siamo pochi (“Do Not Say We Are Few”) started when I met MB. We met by chance in 2016 during a seasonal job in the country- side surrounding Lyon. MB is an anarchist of Italian origin.

Over a period of about a decade, from the mid-90s onwards, MB produced and collected an extraordinary amount of material – images, objects, diaries and documents – proofs of his travels, riots and actions across various parts of Europe.

I recovered part of MB’s archive a few months after our encounter, just before losing track of him. This archive has been reorganized, starting from the little information it offered and from MB’s stories.

It is the reason why Non dite che siamo pochi can not be considered a testimony, nor a reliable reconstruction of real events. Perhaps it is only a story."

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