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Jon Gorospe

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Jon Gorospe (Spain, 1986) graduated at the Basque Country’s EASD and the Faculty of Arts in Vilnius (Lithuania). He completed his studies with several artist from the photography and cinema field as well the visual art world.

His work has been recognized by several public and private institutions, such as the Salomon R. Guggenheim (USA) or the Sasakawa Foundation (Japan-Scandinavia). He has exhibited in numerous countries like: Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Slovakia, Norway, Russia or Singapore.

His practice is focused on new approaches to the idea of contemporaryy landscape, he has develop different bodies of work such us Metropolis (2018-2019), De Magnete (2016-2018), Environments (2014-2016), Velocidad de las Ventanas (2015) or Almost Black (2011-2015).

Gorospe combines his work as an artist with the study and understanding of the image from a theoretical point of view.

He collaborates in different projects as a curator and photo-editor.