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Minimal Republics

Through a simple gesture in the landscape

- Appropriating 100m2

- drawing a border

- and inhabiting it for a day

The artist creates a series of absurd micro-nations that invite us to reflect on the nature of every frontier and the very concept of nation. Republics whose limit always responds to an artificial criterion that is geometry, whose duration never exceeds 24 hours and whose only inhabitant is the artist himself.

Ridiculous and absurd states, whose documentation in the form of aerial photographs, becomes as poetic and visually effective as deep in its meaning.

This series belongs to STUPID BORDERS, a set of conceptual projects that questions the idea of "nation” and points at the strange feeling of possession that man exerts towards the Earth, an entity which transcends us in age.

Minimal Republics project includes a documentary short film (5min) and a video installation.

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