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Weronika Bela and Ivar Hagren

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Weronika Bela (b. 1988) and Ivar Hagren (b. 1986) are an artist duo based in Stockholm. Hagren & Bela's  work originates from the history of photography, often through microhistories of photographic materials and  techniques. They primarily work with analog black-and-white photography as a medium, employing both  traditional and experimental darkroom techniques. In addition to this, they utilize drawing, installation,  archival material, video and text.  

Ivar Hagren obtained his bachelor's degree from the Gothenburg University of Photography in 2012 and his  master's degree in fine art from Konstfack in 2014. Weronika Bela earned her bachelor's and master's degrees  in fine art in 2013 and 2015, respectively, also from Konstfack. Their works have been exhibited both in  Sweden and internationally, including in Poland, Finland, and Greece. In 2022 they where Iaspis artist in  residency grant holders in Stockholm.  

They are currently developing a project on the defunct East German manufacturer ORWO, best known for  affordable black-and-white photo paper, who held a monopoly over photographic darkroom material in the  Eastern bloc market before ceasing operations in connection with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

IG @hagrenbela