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The series starts from a personal story, I'm examining how body-soul-and mind injuries are interdependent and interconnected can be. My interest was lying in how to portray mental injuries and visualize an internal elusive state.  I study the extent to which introspection draws general lessons that affect us all. How individual and social injuries rhyme. How fragmentation or deficiency turn into a story perhaps into history and creates information surplus. What does the decline of civilization say about individual suffering, how does it manifest in the soul of the individual.

To express this, I started out with scars and bruises which could represent an allegory of wounds in the soul. The base content, containing photos about bruises, is being supplemented by additional pictures from my photo diary. Furthermore, the thread of thought is being extended both in time and space by cultural and art historical references. The result is an atmospheric set that induces association and interprets the concept based on different aspects. By this, beyond the personal level, a more general message is also being formulated. An important part of the series is that it doesn’t uncover the infliction of pain. It remains on the level of visual implication, focusing the meaning on the soul.

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