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Iceberg Nations

1. Board an iceberg

2. Plant a flag

3. Claim that nation is mine.

Through these performative actions in which several icebergs are boarded to give them nationality and flag the viewer is invited to question terms such as country, nation or nationalism. Abstract concepts that, although lacking objective solidity, are sources of continuous disputes.

"No nation exists physically, that is as an objective entity.

Its nature is liquid and intangible. Its basis is a mental construction present solely in the collective imagination. All war, all state violence and all forms of government are based on the idea of nation. However every nation is like an iceberg floating on the sea, doomed to be diluted."

The visual translation of this thought is a series of "Iceberg Nations".

Icy endowed-with-a-flag islands coming from the interior of greenland that now sail to the drift. The "indlandis" is a cyclopean volume of ice whose age can vary according to the stratum between 0 and 100,000 years old. This huge mass grows and moves towards the periphery ending in glacial fronts where it cracks into icebergs. These thousand-year-old icebergs are used by the artist as a metaphor, giving them nationality just when they are about to be diluted.

“Iceberg Nations” belongs to STUPID BORDERS, a set of conceptual projects that questions the idea of "nation” and points at the strange feeling of possession that man exerts towards the Earth, an entity that transcends him in age.

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