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Mónica Egido
2021 – 2022

The development of my project arises from a need to expose myself to the things that terrify me: the silence of being with myself, listening only to my thoughts, and the stillness of my body in a space of immensity. It’s about changing my relationship with time – and with myself, mentally and physically – forcing me to stop and observe myself naked through the camera.

In my physiotherapy practice, I have many patients who suffer pain, digestive problems or sleep disturbances; often, these symptoms are the result of high levels of stress and anxiety maintained over time. 3 years ago, I myself was diagnosed with FOMO (fear of missing out), so I felt the need to chart my progress, and follow my changing relationship with myself. The project became a form of self-therapy, accompanied by parallel research on the human relationship with time – informed by various humanistic and metaphysical points of view.

It results in a critique of productivism – omnipresent in a capitalist society like ours – which forces us to keep working, watching, reading and producing. These impulses leave little room for valuable rest; when we stop, we feel that we are somehow left behind, which can in turn lead to anxiety.

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