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Çok güzelim, çok güzel/I am so beautiful, so beautiful

Charlotte Schmitz

This project focuses on the private space of women in a traditional neighborhood in Istanbul, where Charlotte lived more than two years - capturing its beauty, daily life and intimacy.

"While men are in public spaces, women tend to stay in private. Charlotte focuses on the private, therefore the women — which recalls the political argument used as a slogan of second-wave feminism from the late 1960s: “The private is political.” Charlotte’s photographs underscore the connection between her personal experience and larger socio-political issues that refers to any power relationships within a house. Moreover, Çok güzelim, çok güzel / I am so beautiful, so beautiful becomes a photographic politicization of beauty through the politics of housework, marriage, motherhood, childhood, friendship, puberty, sexuality, family, celebrations, traditions, short-lived pop songs and perhaps Balat itself. […] Her body of work not only reinforce the conception that the private is political, it also reveals something crucial about beauty: “The private is beautiful!” — regardless of the surrounding obstacles." Cemre Yesil

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