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Thalles Piaget

Photoforum Pasquart
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Thalles Piaget (*1996) is a human being - not an artificial intelligence - born in Brazil and living in Biel/Bienne - CH. Essentially vagabond, Thalles is inspired by readings, walks, and reflections. Capturing a moment that doesn’t truly exist, trying to transform the ordinary into a dreamlike experience. Its artistic approach is at the border of dreams, science, and absurdity. Wandering, guided by the moment, playing with its non-existence.

“In my work, I aim to open a window to a dreamlike digital universe composed of surfaces, reflections, and light, free from its commercial intent yet infused with a poetic perspective on the machinery’s materials. In my photographs and installations, I want to explore and question the possibilities of our digital images and their inflationary use in our daily lives. While using the medium of photography, my aim is not to document specific scenes or compositions, but rather to seek what is between the subject and the camera and to capture the moments in between. Photography serves as a fundamental tool in my creative work, yet paradoxically, it is the medium with which I maintain the most critical relationship.”