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Pavle Banović

Organ Vida
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Pavle Banović worked and exhibited in spaces in Belgrade (Serbia) including Museum of Contemporary art, Goethe Institute, U10 and Podroom Gallery; P74 and Kresija Gallery in Ljubljana, Künstlerhaus and Queer Museum in Vienna as well as Residency Unlimited in New York. They won the Telekom Srbija award (2018) as well as the IFCA (2020) in Maribor and Mangelos award (2022) awarded by the Center for Contemporary art in Belgrade and The Foundation for Civil Society in New York.

They are a member of D.U.O. artist group.

In their work, Pavle explores and tries to reexamine the various forms of existence and action today. Analyzes the relationship between individuals and ideologies and how they can destabilize each other. The last few years with a focus on contemporary technologies, how they disrupt and shape our life experiences and vice versa.