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eden levi am

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eden levi am (*1992) is an artist, photographer and queer activist based in Geneva. For several years, they have been developing a documentary approach with a focus on activism and intimacy. Using primarily film photography and video, and more recently performance, their artistic practice expresses a personal and affective view of the world, which ties with current social and political issues. From an intersectional feminist perspective, their work addresses issues relating to the body, gender, identities and their representations.

They graduated from the Vevey School of Photography (CEPV) in 2018. Their work has been exhibited and published in Switzerland and abroad since 2017. It was recently featured at Swiss and international venues and festivals such as Fesse-tival (Geneva, 2023), Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival (London, 2023), Musée d’art de Pully (Switzerland, 2017 & 2023), Urgent Paradise (Lausanne, 2022), Forde (Geneva, 2022), BØWIE Gallery (Geneva, 2022), Romantso Gallery Space (Athens, 2020), Space Grotesk (Basel, 2019), CPG (Geneva, 2019), and La Nef (Noirmont, Switzerland, 2019). Publications include Libération (2021) and Journal des Bains (2016–2022) as well as several exhibition catalogues. Most recently, they have been awarded the 2021 documentary photography grant of the City of Geneva. The resulting project, Rivers, was published in 2023 as a monograph by Miami Books and presented as a solo show at Halle Nord in Geneva, accompanied by two performances in the context of the Fesse-tival (a festival fostering positive and inclusive visions of bodies, identities and sexualities).