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Mara Palena

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Mara Palena (Milan, 1988) lives and works in Milan where she studied Photography. Her research focuses on themes such as memory, remembrance, and identity. The artist’s aesthetic, clearly influenced by the field of fashion where she worked for several years, is combined with an intimate and poetic vision.

Using photography, video and sound, her work aims to involve the viewer in sensory experiences. Using and reworking archival material, she seeks a link between personal and collective, between introspection and connection.

Her work, represented by the Twenty14 gallery, has been exhibited in various international festivals, artspaces, and galleries such as: Art Society, London; Marsèll Paradise, Milan; MOPLA, Los Angeles; Nowhere Gallery, Milan; Pananti Atelier, Milan; Etherea Gallery, Genoa; Recontemporary, Turin. Oikeiôsis arrived finalist of the Etherea Art Prize, Combat Prize in 2021 and We Art Open in 2022. Her work is included in Exibart’s publication 222 emerging artists to invest in 2021.