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Katya Bogachevskaia

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Katya Bogachevskaia (*1986) is a visual artist, curator, editor, and lecturer from StPetersburg, Russia, now based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Having worked as a photo editor, curator, and lecturer for many years, Katya picked up acamera after moving from Russia to Portugal. Photography has become a tool forBogachevskaia to express her feelings about forced emigration and the war unleashed byher native country, Russia, in Ukraine. Through her work, she reflects on the intense impactof this devastating war, searches for her own identity, copes with the loss of her home,experiences fear for her children, and navigates the process of integrating into a newenvironment.

Observing her children and the world around her - primarily nature, Katya createsmetaphorical images infused with subtle, hidden meanings.

Katya is the founder of the Academy of Documentary and Art Photography Fotografika, ofthe independent photobook publishing house Fotografika Publishing, and editor ofPhotojournal of Republic Media.