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Jenni Toivonen

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Jenni Toivonen (b.1993) is a Finnish visual artist and interdisciplinary practitioner, primarily working in the extended field of fine art photography. Her artistic work revolves around the interconnectedness of life, ecology, impermanence and the passage of time, which she often explores through the materiality of the human body and the earth. She sees the body as a vessel for a primal creative force and deeper existential understanding. 

Her practice is motivated by the entanglements of personal and environmental storylines. Besides moving between various media such as photographs, film, text, sound, performance and installation, Toivonen is interested in incorporating diverse approaches to broaden her take on artistic narratives. Through performative and ritualistic methods the artist seeks reciprocity and expanding the ways of knowing and coexisting with her surroundings.

Toivonen's works have been exhibited in several solo exhibitions in Finland and in curated group exhibitions in countries such as France, Japan, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Iceland. She holds an MA in Photography from Aalto University and has studied audiovisual communication in UNQ Buenos Aires.