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Ilias Lois

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Ilias Lois pursued his education at the Department of Photography & Audiovisual Arts at the UniWA and furthered his studies at the School of Fine Arts in Venice. Awarded "Young Greek Photographer" by APhF in 2018, he secured the "Lensculture Emerging Talent" accolade in 2019 for his series, Aisle Seat. Lois serves as editor of the photography magazine Velvet Eyes. He is also a regular contributor to the Athens Photo Festival, where he recently curated the exhibition Good Advice & Other Recipes (2022) at the Benaki Museum. Alongside his artistic pursuits, he contributes to photography education at the Hellenic Centre of Photography, overseeing project development and fine art photography classes. His work is usually developed in long term series, in which the interplay of different photographic genres is attempted, mixing quasi-documentary strategies and staged photography. Lois’ projects are inspired by the systematic observation of communication between people, the human manipulation of materials and technology and the body language. The artist’sapproach pays close attention to the practices of transferring a three-dimensional world onto a two-dimensional surface, as well as to the reverse process that follows. He is particularly interested in the sequencing of photographs while researching and practicing non-linear forms of narration, both in his personal and curatorial work.