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Salt Eats Stone

Pascual Ross

This project talks about people who live by the sea and who have worked in this environment all their lives. Without working conditions or a work contract, since they were children they have earned their living with what the sea gave them. While society underwent a dizzying evolution, these people have lived day to day.

Currently these people are invisible to the system, the sea that fed them before now does not correspond to them. Due to the many changes that the ecosystem that surrounds them is undergoing, it is very difficult to obtain the minimum resources with which to get ahead.

There are many people who live almost in hiding and every day they go to the shores of the ocean that saw them born to be able to obtain any type of seafood or fish with which to get a little money.

It is a daily struggle that is getting tougher every time in a society where this type of people end up being a burden with those who do not know what to do.

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