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Rise of Trivial

Rise of trivial is a multiplatform project about virtual identity and the ways we interact in the internet.

Persona series uses a term of digital marketing. It questions the platonic facet of the network: although we do not see it, we accept its existence. This creed is represented by tridimensional portraits (in the form of busts), result of the consent of individuals to be photographed in a social context. Through photogrammetric processes it was possible to collect superficial data related to their apparent identity. Seduction is present in the background’s hue of the busts, which are based on psychological strategies applied to colors used by the social platforms of the internet.

ANN stands for Artificial Neural Network. Similarly to the brain it’s a system that evolves from data analysis, following a learning method that allows the recognition of patterns. ‘ANN’ questions the learning process of new artificial intelligence. Atfer the Internet, we ceased looking for the Plato’s Eden and start building a world of forms in our own image, creating new religions such as Dataism. For what purposes are we creating these huge databases? Can we trust in computer generated data? Can we continue to talk about images as a strictly visual language?

Backup series reflects the concept of digital documents, not only as vehicles for information but also as testimonies of isolated uses and behaviors in a virtual scenario, using the power of duplication and making it a protocol. On one hand we have figurative representations of behavior patterns; on the other hand we have the paradigm of uncontrolled information related to our digital identity, making the “right to be forgotten on the internet” a truly utopian operation. The liberalism of the information market only leaves us with two choices: to accept everything or to enjoy nothing.

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