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Now & Forever, Interpersonally Queer

Queer or not, we perceive ourselves as sovereign individuals, invariably at the centre of our own universes. In the context of queerness, we all live our lives as queer people in this small city, and universes soon converge; we become characters in the personal travails of others, providing a source of sub-plots, relief, and narrative dynamism.

The queer community is only a fraction of the global population, leading to interlocking pathways generating chains of mutual association that spread out, like telephone wires, to connect us all. This phenomenon has been referred to as 'six degrees of separation', a theory that people are only ever six or fewer social connections from one another. Queer individuals are often rejected by their peers, family, and society. As such, rejection encourages us to find comfort in queer relationships, and to seek our communal solidarity in a collective state of rejection. Accumulated traumas solidify our sense of community.

Now & Forever, Interpersonally Queer attempts to display the beautiful nature of these interpersonal ties. Some are powerful; the bonds we have with other queers offer us a novel sense of acceptance. Accordingly, the sociological notion of the ‘chosen queer family’ – which has existed for decades – attempts to deconstruct perceptions of what a ‘family unit’ can be. The project aims to confound heteronormative structures, rebuild them and render them queer. Where race, geography and social isolation can prevent a queer individual from integrating into the community, I hope these photographs are inclusive of some viewers’ experiences – but I humbly acknowledge where they fall short. 

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