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In Durag, another seemingly innocent piece of fabric that has been vilified is addressed. Worn by both African Americans and those belonging tot he African Diaspora, the Durag is worn to protect one’s hair, mostly worn by Black males. Unfortunately, the image of a Black man wearing a Durag has been associated with gang members and violence, implying the wearer is a thug. It is certainly not portrayed as the matter of (self) care it actually is.

In this series, the Durag elevated to a status of adornment, in contrast to the sinister interpretation that link them to violence and associates them with a dark sentiment, something to fear.

The irony lying in the fact that a durag is worn to protect one’s hair, he seeks to rectify the existing imagery surrounding Black men and their attire.

He hopes to continue this project in the future, extending these topics applied to the intersectionality of African-American culture and that of the African Diaspora.

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