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Crystallization processes

Every compound that is capable of crystallizing is governed by an intrinsic law, a formula according to which it grows. If, during an experiment, molecules crystallize in places that have not been predicted by the geometrical grid, a defect occurs. However, the imperfection of a crystal can still be beautiful and legitimate. To me, crystallization becomes a metaphor for creativity, its processes, successes and mistakes.

Crystallization processes is a project in which I use the instrument of photography to explore crystallization as a natural process in the context of a creative method – a way of forming work. In 2019 I established a temporary research space called ZPMSKIPF (The Processing Plant of Artificial Materials, Crystallization and Photochemical Processes), where I set together some previous works in sync with objects that were especially prepared for the exhibition – artefacts resulting from chemical experiments.

In my portfolio, I present documentation from the ZPMSKIPF space, single works illustrating the effects of growing crystals of copper sulphate [CuSO4*5H2O] and a work showing the dying of organic matter of a liquid crystal screen, accompanied by a video.

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