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Blank Verse

Maria Siorba
2022 - 2023

This series of portraits, abstract compositions and poetic scenes is inspired by the deep desire of a human being to get to know the inner truths of another person. I ponder the notion of empathy, questioning what an inner, emotional landscape might look like, how our encounter or non-encounter with it makes us feel – standing behind or in front of the camera – while also reflecting on the dynamics that can emerge from valuable human connections. Is what we look for in others in fact ourselves? Whenever I observe the world around me, I tend to make unusual connections. Each time, I feel as if I’m entering an imaginary observatory with its own sense of time and space, where the rules and laws of common reality don't really apply. This often gives me a feeling of loneliness, abnormality, or even discomfort; I feel as if my brain is working backwards, or in mysterious ways. I can’t always conclude what it is I’m really looking for. One of the subjects that excites me most is the depths and truths of the human inner world, which pushes me in turn to examine the complexity of human relationships. Through my photographs, which underline the importance of diving deep into our souls to see what’s really there, I finally have a means to legitimise this personal way of looking at things.

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