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When it comes to questions about how volcanoes work, practically everything is a mystery. Signals may appear before the eruption, but there is no certainty, and it’s almost impossible to determine the exact moment when an eruption will start. Volcanoes form the earth and create land for living. The Spanish island of La Palma only exists because of volcanic activity, which formed the archipelago of the Canary Islands long ago.

When I heard about the volcanic eruption on La Palma, it seemed so unusual and distant; I couldn’t believe it was happening on the same continent I live on. When I found out what happened to the people there, I was wondering why anyone would live on land that is a kind of bomb, threatening to explode at any moment. During my trip to La Palma, I saw something from a distance that looked spectacular – a natural phenomenon. In reality, it was a human tragedy.

The eruption of Cumbre Vieja lasted 85 days – the longest in the history of La Palma. Part of the island has been completely buried under lava and ash. Nature entered the lives of local residents so suddenly and unexpectedly. Even when living on a volcanic island, no one could ever be prepared for a natural disaster of this magnitude.

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