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FUTURES Collection: On the Verge & RESET

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Celebrate the year's end with us! Delve into the FUTURES Collection — a blend of FUTURES publications, where the second book comes at half price! Explore curated, thought-provoking books that redefine narratives in contemporary photography. 

1.On the Verge:

"On the Verge" takes Charles Baudelaire’s famous letter of 1859— in which he outlines his contempt for photography— as a starting point to explore the role that photography and art can and should play in shaping the future. Eight writers have composed letters responding to Baudelaire to entertain, provoke, inspire and empower.

The letters to Baudelaire are published alongside work by a diverse range of artists whose work addresses some of the issues of the contemporary age.

2.RESET: Questioning the Image, the Market, and the Role of Representation

The exponential rise of non-human photography; our ambivalent – yet subversive – relationship with memes, emojis and digital communication at large; and how the forces of representation continue to shape our racial condition are just some of the topics explored. The structure of RESET – in a play on the word turned upside-down – is developed in two parts that must be flipped to read. One side takes a step towards analysing how photography plays into our collective situation; while the reverse proudly features the work of 57 image-based FUTURES artists.

Order your publications now and discover the crucial role of photography and art in shaping our future.

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On the Verge - ISBN 978-618-83318-9-1

RESET- ISBN: 978-9-09-034110-1