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Teresa Capucho Correia de Freitas

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Teresa Freitas (b. 1990) is a Portuguese artist and colourist based in Lisbon,Portugal. She graduated from Lisbon University’s Faculty of Fine Arts with a degreein Multimedia Art and a Masters in Design and New Media. Initially drawn to blackand white film, Teresa followed her influences from Painting and Cinema to apply aknowledge of colour theory and harmony to develop a signature style, characterisedby bright yet calming hues. Her photography now skilfully navigates the impact ofcolour in composition, subject, and place, and in the viewer's aesthetic response.

Teresa aspires to delve into the realm of post-documentary photography,characterised by a more intimate connection to the tangible world, and placing strongemphasis on a subjective, poetic method of crafting images and narratives. Shecontinues to be dedicated to the exploration of colour in photography and itsexpression as an individual artistic style.