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Phelim Hoey

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Phelim Hoey (b. 1984) is an Amsterdam-based visual artist, who studied documentary photography at the School of the Arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In his first days at art school, Hoey experienced the early symptoms of MS, a neurological illness with which he was formally diagnosed a few months later. His practice took on new meaning as a possible agent of healing, offering an important creative outlet for studying his condition, and for tracing his ever-changing relationship to his body. Incorporating a varied range of media – photography, film, ceramics or sculptural installation – Hoey’s work can be read as a form of conceptual storytelling. In fragile materials, or delicate still-lives depicting precariously-balanced objects, his works are wrought with vulnerability and tension. Hoey’s images have featured in a range of publications, including Foam Magazine, The British Journal of Photography and LensCulture.


Instagram: phelimhoey