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Juliette Cassidy

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Juliette Cassidy is graduated in Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. After finishing her degree, she travelled across 19 states of the USA, working on the series 'People We Know, These Americans', where she focuses on the emptiness brought by the most brutal capitalism in one of the richest countries in the world. Afterwards, she moved to Mexico City, followed by Los Angeles. She is currently based in London. Although she works in fashion, her most personal work, leans towards documentary photography, which is, at times, influenced by fashion.

She very often travels to remote places, far away from the big cities, where she is able to find more simpler ways of existence.The subjects she photographs are often isolated with little context around them. While this visual isolation is the way Juliette presents herself to the world, she also craves human connection. A direct confrontation with the camera is a way for her to connect with the subjects she photographs and through them with the rest of the world.

In a few words, her practice in documentary photography is a search of self-knowledge and an attempt to reencounter the essence of a life without noise.