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Ivo Sekulovski

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Born in 1992 - Ohrid, North Macedonia - at the age of 19 he moved to Italy where he obtained his BA degree with honors (2011-2014).
Ivo lives and works between Milan, Italy and Ohrid, North Macedonia. From 2019 he started teaching theory, practice and visual dialogues in contemporary photography in a course he is leading at IED Milan.
Ivo is a visual artist using the medium of photography to investigate and question the notions of culture, territory and identity, while addressing the ideas of absurdist theatre and ambiguity, often altering objects’ function and their purpose. His oeuvre lies between the realms of observational and staged photography, facts and fiction, the real and virtual that crosses from set arrangements he makes, the use of re-combining and appropriation practices to use of 3D images, whilst his final output remains mostly photographic.