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Ignacio Navas

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Ignacio Navas (b. 1989, Tudela, Spain) is a photographer based in Madrid.In his work, he researches the social, political, and economic structures through the everyday affairs. With this commitment, he creates wide narrative bodyworks that he self-publishes in several formats.

On each project, Navas shifts his approach to his subjects. The starting point for 'El Norte' were family anecdotes, life in postwar Spain -which his grandmother Sagrario told him- as well as a revision of national identity. The daily, normal, and close events also abound in 'Linde' where he explores the outskirts of Madrid, his host city. But perhaps 'Yolanda' is his most personal proposal: the reconstruction of an era and a generation through the love story of his aunt. Here, the photographer uses family pictures and short memories to dig into the powerful emotions of youthfulness. 'Mr. Stupid' is his latest project, a visual investigation of the identities created by market forces. In this work, Navas steps away from his past documentary language by using photogrammetry to showcase the reality of a charming character. This project also started another adventure: 'Unlimited Prints' a new humble format to distribute photographic prints.